The Tyranny is Over

The Tyranny is Over

Celebrating President Elect Obama


That was my first thought at 11 pm last night when the race was officially called for Obama and it was clear McCain was conceding.  The tyranny that was the Bush years is finally over!  The tyranny of a stupid, fearful, hate filled and seriously criminal administration is finally over.  And yes, I cried tears of relief at the thought.

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Why Pennsylvania

Will the Republicans try to steal PA?Why Pennsylvania?


All the pundits are wondering why McCain is putting all his eggs into Pennsylvania when he has such a large deficit in the polls there.  And, since he is behind in the polls in a lot of places, including swing states, why go after a solid blue one like PA?  They seem to be missing the obvious; it is because that was the state the Republicans had planned to steal this election. 

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McCain is like Britney Spears

McCain's trainwreck of a campaign is a lot like watching Britney Spears MeltdownIt’s Like Watching Britney Spears’ Meltdowns


McCain is all over the place.  And the media are following him around and the sense I get from the coverage is really, they are just waiting to see what the crazy old man does next.  It is a lot like how the media was following Britney around when she was having her meltdown.  Except, this guy wants to be President!

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McCain in Wierdland

Voodoo Economics is to blame for the economic crisisWeird Ideas


This has been a really weird week, especially given the bizarre claims being made by McCain and his followers.  Right now, they are saying that the economic mess that has been building since Reagan was in office is somehow Obama’s fault. Not the democrats fault, but Obama personally.  Bizarre. 

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And Now for A Completely Different Palin

Sarah Palin for Vice President/PresidentAnd Now for Something Completely Different


Wow.  What a shocker.  McCain picked a complete unknown to be his veep pick.  Interesting.  Her name is Sarah Palin and she is a mother of 5 from Alaska.  Republicans are thrilled even though none of them know her – not even McCain who has only met her twice. 

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Conflict in Ossetia made simple

Conflict in Ossetia made simple

South Ossetia wants independance


Ok – I was a bit confused by this. I thought that Ossetia was a rather lawless border state.  Suddenly, Russia and Georgia are in armed conflict over it.  What the heck is going on?  Both Obama and McCain have taken very different approaches to this conflict and without knowing more about the source of the conflict, it is impossible to know which approach is better. So, I did a little research.

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UK UFO Hacker Drama

Is looking for UFO's the same thing as terrorism?What the Heck!


The problem with US newscasts is that they rarely provide any news.  Even Keith Olbermann, who I love, doesn’t provide a lot of real news, though I appreciate how he goes in depth into specific subjects.  To get real news about the world, and the US, you need to go abroad.  The BBC still does a good job, so I have taken to watching their nightly broadcast on BBC America.

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Offshore Drilling Scam

Offshore drilling is a scamOffshore Drilling Scam


According to the front-page headline in my local paper yesterday, 60% plus of my fellow Floridians mistakenly believe that increased offshore drilling will help reduce gas prices. We apparently believe this nonsense despite the ready availability of information to the contrary.

More drilling is an illusion that won’t change anything! McCain and his economic advisor/lobbyist for the oil industry Phil Graham spoke the truth when they said that allowing more offshore drilling would provide “mostly a psychological benefit.” Translation: they are pretending to do something while actually doing nothing so that you will want to re-elected them.

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