Michael Jackson Tragedy

Humanist Thought of the Week: June 30 2009

The Tragedy of Michael Jackson

The recent death of Michael Jackson was a tragedy.

Despite all the weirdness: drug addiction, plastic surgery addiction, potential pedophilia and whatever else the man had going on, he was a very talented performer.

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Mifune in Stray Dog

Poster for Akira Kurasawa's Stray DogStray Dog


My husband and I have been renting Akira Kurasawa films.  Sort of as a retrospective for me (as I have seen them all before) and as a new education for my husband (who is just learning about Kurasawa’s work).  The latest film we rented was Stray Dog.  The cool thing about renting these films is that while I have seen them, I don’t remember them exactly, so it is cool to rewatch them.  Stray Dog is wonderful!  WONDERFUL! 

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Chuck, the Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

Chuck: The Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

This video was done a few years ago to support a song I wrote and performed which became one of Mp3.com’s top 20 comedy tunes for 1999 – it was considered one of the oddest, most screwball songs on all of Mp3.com. Anyway – I was much skinnier then. Oh, and this is very low tech. It is my first music video shot by my husband.

For more information, lyrics, sheet music and more up to date recording – visit the Chuck songwriting page

Ruby and the Rolling Tarpon Ramblers

Ruby and RTR

Ruby and the

Rolling Tarpon Ramblers


to Music



Ruby Colvin : Vocals
Draco West:

Mandolin and Fiddle

Wally Dell'Apa: Bass

Putnam: Guitar and Fiddle

Pete Gould: Banjo – occasional

Location: Sarasota,


Music Style: Bluegrass and Country

Artist Description: Traditional old time and bluegrass music with the occassional old time

swing tune thrown in for good measure.


Jerry Douglas, Tim O'Brien, Vassar Clements, Alison Kraus

Artist History: This group is local

to southwest Florida.    They are all good friends and get together to simply play music they love.  They don't play out often

and you can only catch them live in season. 

Warning – this is a virtual band and does not really


Backseat Sally and the Convertibles


BackSeat Sally and the Convertibles

Backseat Sally and the Convertibles are a Rock-a-boogie (Rock-a-billy)

swing jump band. Traditional American Music!!!!

Stickers are now available!!!!!! Send email to request one.

Listen to


Formed in Florida in the late 90's. This band is the brainchild of BackSeat Sally. Sally grew up in Los

Angeles and was heavily influenced by the local country based punk bands that roamed that area in the late 70's. After floating around the country

for a while, absorbing music along the way, she ended up in Florida. She hung out and looked for musicians that would share her musical vision and found

a compatriot in Hangtight Harry. Harry learned to play piano as a child and never really took to the classical music his mother kept trying to get him

to play. When he was a teenager, he found the music of Jools Holland and his life was never the same. Modern swing jump was just the thing for him, but

like Sally, he had a hard time finding musicians that shared his passion for some of the old American standards and punk. When Harry met Sally they knew

instantly that they had the core of a band. It didn't take them long to find Wild Wally. Wally had the attitude that they were looking for and could

lay down the rhythm that their music requires. Through Wally, Harry and Sally were introduced to Don the Magnificent. Don is not only an excellent

bassist and well versed in the standards, he also prides himself as a magician. Hence the name, Don, the Magnificent. The last member to join the band

was Fabulous Fred. It is easy to tell from the way he plays why they chose him. Once the band was fully established they started playing gigs in and

around the Sarasota FL area.  

Backseat Sally : Vocals

 Hangtight Harry: Piano

Wild Wally: Drums 

Don the Magnificant: Bass

Fabulous Fred: Guitar

Warning: this is a virtual band that does not really exist – although the cats are


In loving memory of Wally Hancock (2003)