The Decline: or what do America and the Ottoman Empire have in common

The Decline: or what do America and the Ottoman Empire have in common

I’ve been reading a book on the history of the Arab peoples conveniently titled, A History of the Arab Peoples
by Albert Hourani.  I’m a little more then half way through. I’ve basically just finished the section on the European take over of the Arab world in 1700s. I wanted to write about it because of the relevance to what is happening to America right now. All in the spirit of the famous maxim – those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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Why We Need Health Insurance Reform

Private Insurance Doesn't make any senseWhy We Need Health Insurance Reform


I can understand why a lot of people don’t understand how broken our health insurance system is yet.  After all – most old people get their health care through the government – which despite conservatives being sure can’t run anything – has the highest satisfaction rates of any health care provider.  Another large majority get their health insurance through their companies and let’s face it – unless you have to use it because of major injury or catastrophic illness – you have no idea how reliable your insurance is – and you probably haven’t given much thought to what you would do should you loose your job and as a consequence your health insurance. But for me and my family – we know. 

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Richardson or Clinton?

Obama, Richardson and Hillary ClintonHillary as Secretary of State?


Scuttlebutt has it that Barack Obama is apparently considering Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson for the position of Secretary of State.  I hope he chooses Bill Richardson.  The concern I have with Hillary is that she isn’t a very ethical person.  That isn’t to say she doesn’t have good intentions, she just is prone to resorting to lies and deceit to get her way.  I don’t respect that and am hoping that Obama will actually place trustworthy people around him, especially in a position as important as Secretary of State.

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McCain in Wierdland

Voodoo Economics is to blame for the economic crisisWeird Ideas


This has been a really weird week, especially given the bizarre claims being made by McCain and his followers.  Right now, they are saying that the economic mess that has been building since Reagan was in office is somehow Obama’s fault. Not the democrats fault, but Obama personally.  Bizarre. 

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