Was the 2000 Election Sabotaged?

Was the 2000 Election Sabotaged?

Dan Rather reported on HDnet just a couple of days ago that Sequoia Voting

Systems intentionally made the Palm Beach County ballots in 2000 different from normal specs. The differences in both paper quality and setting of the holes

both contributed to the problems seen with the ballots in Palm Beach County. The big question were these changes made only to encourage the adoption of touch

screen voting systems, that Sequoia also sells, or, were they also trying to influence the outcome of the election.

The first part of this hour long video is about the recent problems with touch screen systems. The real news about what

was happening at Sequoia in the run up to the 2000 election starts at 38 minutes, with the really really important allegations about the intentional changes

to specs for the Palm Beach County cards coming in at around 52 minutes. So, don’t just watch the start, if you need to, jump to the end and don’t miss

what these former Sequoia employees are saying.