What we say matters

Language’s Slippery Slope

Why the words we choose really do matter. And why harmless teasing is rarely harmless.

No JerksSuddenly, I find that I’m a rabid feminist.  I didn’t mean to be. I’m actually a Humanist and I really like men. Most men anyway. My husband for sure.

Anyway, a fellow Humanist who will remain nameless because this isn’t about him, called a female politician a cunt who should suck his dick because he was mad she had made a racist comment. I have been banned from this man’s page for pointing out how incredibly rude and sexist his comment was. I’m ok with that. I actually normally like his blog so I was a bit shocked when he banned me over this but if he isn’t ethical enough to admit he made a mistake, and apologize and move on, then so be it. That’s his problem.

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Mentally Ill Humanists

Mental Illness among Humanists?Mentally Ill Humanists

So, it turns out that Clay Duke, the guy who held a school board hostage in Panama City claimed he was a Humanist on his website.  That he may have been a Humanist obviously had nothing to do with why he held people hostage at gunpoint. The fact that he was bipolar however did. Doesn’t matter, the anti-Humanist folk are using this incident to say basically “see – we told you they were dangerous.”

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Regulations are Double Plus Good

Turns out this oil spill disaster could have been prevented through regulationRegulations are good for business. 
Seriously – they are.


I know pro-business types like to claim that regulations are harming businesses and preventing them from competing in the market place.  They are wrong.  Dangerously wrong.  Most common sense regulations actually help businesses while protecting consumers and the environment. Seriously – they do.

For instance, good regulations help ensure public safety, guarantee an even playing field for all business competitors and … here’s the best part … act as a barrier to entry for any new competitors to an industry.  What’s not to like!  Really.  When I was working in big business part of my job was to participate in our industry association.  My job was to encourage the industry association to promote more regulation of our industry.  We wanted to make it as hard as possible for other people to compete with us.  Regulations do exactly that. They are also beneficial to our consumers and the environment. This is what is known as a win-win-win scenario.  An additional benefit is that your entire industry won’t get branded with a horrible reputation because one stupid idiot who wanted to get ahead by cheating single handedly creates a mega-disaster. Businesses and industries benefit from regulation! Really, they do.

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Doubt is a virtue

about Militias


Religious militias are once again a problem. This time a small
tight knit group came up with the stupendously stupid idea to kill a police
officer as a way to get lots of other officers together at a funeral so they
could kill lots of police at one go. What is stunning isn’t that some insane
person came up with such a boneheaded idea. What is stunning is that none of
his friends said – hey – maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Doubt and skepticism
are Humanist virtues for a reason. They keep us out of trouble.

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If You Can’t Take the Heat

You Can’t Take the Heat


This is a round up of a few stories that deserve some comment.
The first is Sarah Palin’s resignation. Most people are talking about her lack
of coherency. But I think we should take her at her word. She doesn’t want to
put up with all the rumors and other negative things people say about her –
justified or unjustified. And she has a point. As the old saying goes, if you
can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, which is what she is apparently
doing. Good for her. Not everyone is cut out for public life. If you are going
to be in the public’s eye, you have to expect that not everyone will like you.
She doesn’t like it when negative stories are printed about her and has gone
so far as to ask her lawyer to threaten people who write negative things about
her or engage in satire about her. And while I think that last bit is going
a bit far, her resignation is the right thing to do. It would be hypocritical
of her to complain and then stay. She can’t take the heat, so she is getting
out. Of course, it does mean that if she tries to re-enter politics, she should
not be considered qualified. Because if you are going to be in politics, you
need to be able to take the heat, which she has told us she can’t.

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Another Definition of Humanism

Humanism is about improving humanityAnother Definition of Humanism


Ok – I haven’t posted much recently, but January is a really busy time for our family and my husband is out of town for most of it so my free time to do any writing at all is limited. Regardless, we are now coming up on February and I have several things that I have been thinking about that I want to post. The first is another definition of Humanism that I found a while back and just haven’t had time to share. Which is silly since it is so short. Anyway, here it is. And I apologize since my notes don’t include where I found this from. Probably one of the Humanist promotion discussion boards I participate in. So, if this is yours, please let me know.

Humanists believe in humanity (among a great many other things) – the goodness of humanity, the overriding need to further human well-being and the need to examine issues affecting humanity from a logical and factual perspective.