GOP Candidate Round Up

My take on the GOP Presidential Candidates

The 2012 GOP Candidates

I realize no one asked for my opinion. I’m a democrat and I don’t like any of the candidates running for the GOP nomination and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to vote for any of them for president.  Still, I have an opinion and I feel compelled to share it. That’s what blogs are for. You’ve been warned.

Here is my gut level response about what these candidates are about. What I like, don’t like and perhaps think is funny about them.  I will then take the three front runners and run them through my 4 score test (which is my theory that the candidate that is perceived to be most honest, hard working, compassionate & rugged individual wins the election.)

Anyway – let’s start with gut level reactions.

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Inoculating Against Bullying

Inoculate and Insulate Against BullyingInoculating Against Bullying

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Not just because of the recent death of Jamey Rodemeyer, but because it really seems to be a problem that defies a solution. Not just in schools, but for adults as well. My mom always taught me that bullying behavior is about the bully and their insecurities and usually has nothing to do with the victim of the bullying. If you ignore them and don’t respond to them emotionally, they will go find someone else to bully who will. When I first had to deal with bullying in school, this advice worked wonderfully.

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Pyramids! A book for Humanist kids

Book Review: Pyramids!

Ok – so I don’t normally do book reviews, but… this is a good book.  Pyramids! By Avery Hart and Paul Mantell is an activity book for children. The activities are really cool and fun to do. But the reason I wanted to write about it is because; some of the activities are philosophical in nature. Not only that, but they are most definitely Humanistic in Nature. On almost every page, there is an activity titled: Think About it. Right off the bat a book that focuses on making children think about differences is pretty cool. But what it asks kids to think about is what makes this book special.

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