Beaus and Bad Vibes

overweight drunk guys without an education don't make good beaus for women with PhDsBlue-collar beau and mom cliques


I realize I haven’t written a “my advice” article in a while.  Been busy and honestly, I haven’t read anything that made me mad.  Yesterday though, Dear Abby was WAY off.

The first question was from “It’s complicated” who is a divorced middle aged professional with a PhD who has been dating an overweight man with a drinking problem who never finished college for seven years. SEVEN!!! She enjoys his company and likes most of his friends but she is afraid he will say something boorish, show up drunk or otherwise embarrass her in front of her friends and peers. So she asked “whether there was something intrinsically wrong with me that I’m ashamed to have the man I love meet people with whom I work and socialize? Is there something wrong with the relationship?” 

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The Gun Control Option

Gon Control equal crime controlMass Murder


The number of mass murders is growing.  It used to be that when someone killed a whole room full of people, it was big news.  Now it is so common we hardly notice it anymore.  There has of course been lots of speculation as to what we can do to control these homicidal maniacs, and as it turns out, we can’t.  We can’t even predict it.  But, what is missing in all this discussion is the obvious.  It used to be that getting your hands on a gun capable of killing lots of people quickly wasn’t easy to do.  Now, it is fairly easy to get such a weapon. Make it harder to get these weapons, and you make it harder for homicidal maniacs to kill large numbers of people.  So… yeah – we are talking serious gun control. I am not even sure it is feasible in this day and age.  But we should at least try and get some common sense measures in place.  We won’t be able to stop the drug cartels, but if we can stop an unstable individual with revenge on his mind, isn’t it worth it? We should at least consider gun control as an option.

McCain is like Britney Spears

McCain's trainwreck of a campaign is a lot like watching Britney Spears MeltdownIt’s Like Watching Britney Spears’ Meltdowns


McCain is all over the place.  And the media are following him around and the sense I get from the coverage is really, they are just waiting to see what the crazy old man does next.  It is a lot like how the media was following Britney around when she was having her meltdown.  Except, this guy wants to be President!

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