Complaining About A Cup

Get a little perspective

1 guy posts a video about a cup and the internet goes berserk.  I think we need a little perspective.

photos of red cups - pointless

I’m not going to post the video. There is a preacher guy who creates crazy videos that are pretty insane in terms of his outrage over what he thinks is persecution of Christians. 1 guy!!!!

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Resist Fear Mongering

Resisting Fear Mongering

Why we must call it out when we see it.

Don't Be Afraid

I was recently defriended on Facebook by a person I really like. The problem was that she had become seduced by fear mongering and I, and others, were challenging her on it and calling her out on it. Mostly because it’s really so unlike her to engage in the promotion of such fear.

Her latest was the fear that a Muslim will become president. Why is this fear mongering? Because, at the moment, there is no Muslim running for president. It’s a non-issue. We aren’t in “danger” of having a Muslim president for at least 5 more years. Probably longer though given that there are so few Muslims holding political office at the moment and it takes time to build up support for a presidential run.

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Independence of Mind Isn’t Enough

Independence of Mind

Freethought, the independence of mind, is central to the quest for peace, but it isn’t enough.

The world needs Humanists and our Perspective

At the end of World War II, artists and intellectuals joined with French dramatist Romain Rolland to declare an independence of mind. Its purpose was to encourage artists to declare independence from the states that used their art for propaganda to promote war, hate and divisiveness.

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Humanist Adoption

Humanist Adoption

Do Humanists adopt? Of course we do! And we make darned good parents too.

Who is your hero - humanist adoption

Full disclosure: My husband and I have not adopted a child. We haven’t had the economic resources to be able to afford to. But we’ve discussed it.  I have friends who have adopted children and this family has written about the experience here:

To me, adoption is an obligation of being human. If you have the resources to care for a child who lacks a family, you should. No child should be left without a home.

Parenting to me as a Humanist is a privilege. I don’t own my kid. I am his temporary steward. I do this job voluntarily. And not just because he came out of me, but because caring for other people, especially children, and helping them to learn the skills they need to become independent and their own stewards is the highest form of giving I can conceive of.  You are literally giving of yourself to benefit another human being.  It doesn’t really matter who the child is, if you are in a position to help them, you should. And giving yourself over to this task feels fabulous.

Parenting is hard work. It’s exhausting. It’s expensive. It’s a responsibility. But responsibility is what gives our life meaning and purpose. Caring for others is a good purpose to have.  When you are actively caring for someone else, in between those moments when you think you are losing your mind in frustration, you get the sense that you are doing this thing called life right.


How critical are you of the news?

Where you get your news from matters

Critical thinking is important and it doesn’t take much effort. Failure to verify whether what you think you know is so can lead to bad decisions and even worse public policy.

Critical thinking. It's not just for debunking religion

Forbes has an excellent article – on the anatomy of a lie. Specifically it is about how a lie about how minimum wage will cause employers, specifically restaurants to shut down propagated and what that tells us about how we get our news.

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Existentialism and Humanism

Is Existentialism at the Heart of Humanism?

I considered myself an existentialist before I realized I was a Humanist. For me, existentialism is at the heart of my Humanism. It is what makes my Humanism possible. It is only by acknowledging that I exist, as absurd as that reality is, that I can construct a meaningful life for myself.

There is a great article about honest atheism needing to embrace existentialism over at The Week by Damon Linker – see:  In this article, he talks about how difficult life is and to pretend that it isn’t difficult is to deny people meaning and purpose.  Life is a struggle. We find meaning when we embrace that struggle. "The individual life," O’Neill believed, "is made significant just by the struggle."

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Free Thought and Civility

The Dark Side of Free Speech

Comment moderation & free speech within the Freethought community

If we want to encourage freethought, we must first encourage civility

One of the blogs I read regularly is Neuromarketing. I like it because it is incredibly geeky, but also because it is a really helpful blog. How do our brains work? How can I use that to my advantage? Ok, so now I’m sounding a bit like an evil genius trying to take over the world. I trust you know that I’m not and that I am putting this knowledge to good and noble purposes.

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Accepting Your Existence

Accepting Existence:

What do nihilism and existentialism have to do with Humanism?

Humanism is a choice

I get asked a lot of questions. Often times they are people who are trying to prove to me that Humanism is a flawed philosophy. I’m not sure what they hope to accomplish. Sometimes I think people are genuinely struggling to make sense of the big existential questions and they don’t know how to solve the problems they have identified as existentially important.

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Do your part to pay down the national debt!

The National Debt and Taxes

Ok – so, we have this humungous national debt.  We owe about $14 trillion dollars.  As the Tea Party has pointed out, this is unacceptable. We have to cut the debt. Unfortunately, even though the Republicans like to run on this issue, they are actually the cause of our runaway debt.  Seriously, they are. I like to think of them as don’t tax and spend like drunken sailor with a stolen credit card Republicans. Anyway, check out this chart.  When Republicans rule, the debt increases.  

Republicans spend like drunken sailors with a stolen credit card

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Grand Old Police State

GOP = Grand Old Police StateWhich party is promoting a police state?

The GOP and people on the right are complaining and screaming that the Obama administration is trying to turn the US into a police state ala Hitler. Yet, it is the GOP and folks on the right who are the one proposing all the policies that would turn us into an actual police state.  And at this point, I am starting to get pissed.  Mostly because they are proposing such legislation in Florida, where I live.

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