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An Introduction to Humanism on DVD

About the video:

This program is designed to help clarify one of the most influential and consequently most maligned philosophies of our time.  Humanism has arisen in every culture and in every time and yet very few people know what it is and why it has been so influential.

Written by Jennifer Hancock this Introduction to Humanism DVD is broken into 6 sections covering:

  1. Definition of Humanism
  2. History of Humanism
  3. Humanism’s relationship to religion
  4. Central Values of Humanism
  5. Famous Humanists
  6. And Frequently Asked Questions about Humanism

This video serves as a good resource for individuals looking to learn more about the philosophy and for groups looking to provide an introduction to the philosophy for their newer members.

Total viewing time: 41 minutes

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Doubt is a virtue

about Militias


Religious militias are once again a problem. This time a small
tight knit group came up with the stupendously stupid idea to kill a police
officer as a way to get lots of other officers together at a funeral so they
could kill lots of police at one go. What is stunning isn’t that some insane
person came up with such a boneheaded idea. What is stunning is that none of
his friends said – hey – maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Doubt and skepticism
are Humanist virtues for a reason. They keep us out of trouble.

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