The F-Word in context

The F-Word can mean many thingsBiden v. Cheney – the F-Bomb debate


Ok – so on Tuesday Biden dropped on F-Bomb on Obama telling him that signing the health care reform act was a big effin deal.  Which it is. When I heard about this though, I laughed. That’s so Joe.  He is often off color and always says what’s on his mind.  But then I realized that I did not like it at all when Cheney used the exact same word on the floor of Congress a few years ago.  So… what’s the difference and does context really matter?  Yes.  Yes it does.

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Bush and North Korea

Bush and North Korea


I have heard it through the grapevine (a very

trusted source), that the Bush administration is closing down at least one of the spy houses that was focused on North Korea. 

Coincidentally, the Bush administration just agreed to give North Korea everything they wanted in a deal that North Korea has had before and did

not abide by.  Why they think they will this time is a complete mystery.

Apparently, Bush is closing the North Korea spy houses to save

money so they can continue to pay for Iraq.   This just seems dumb headed.  North Korea is run by a

“crazy like a fox” man, who is funding terrorism around the world.  Just because we have promised to give him food,

doesn’t mean he won’t keep up his crazy terrorism crap.

So, Bush et al are no

longer going to spy on North Korea.  (sigh).  They are making the world a much more dangerous place.