If you want to cut the budget, start with the faith based programs!

World Vision receives $344 million tax dollars every yearEnd taxpayer support for churches

When the founding fathers started to disestablish the state run churches, the first thing they did was abolish taxpayer support for them. Sure, there were those who argued that instead of giving tax money to one church, we should fund all of them equally. But that idea was quickly squelched. After all, if we don’t want our taxes used to fund one church, why on earth would we want to fund hundreds of them?

And yet, that is exactly what we are doing. Through the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships the US Government is giving out an estimated $60 billion dollars worth of taxpayer money to churches.  And yes, that is billion with a B.

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We are a Secular Nation

The US ConstitutionThe US is a Secular Democracy

Ok – so, if you weren’t aware of it, there a people who consider themselves to be Christian soldiers in America who are fighting a religious war against secularism.  Whenever you hear someone say – America is a Christian Nation and that our nation is under attack, you are listening to someone who either views themselves as a Christian warrior, or is influenced by this form of paranoid Christianity.

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Changing your Mind

Boehner is either an idiot or a liar or bothChanging your Mind


It’s ok to change your mind.  In fact, admitting you were wrong is a sign of intellectual maturity.  It is something we Humanists pride ourselves on. We want our opinions to be educated opinions. What I don’t understand is why people, when faced with overwhelming evidence that they were wrong stick to their unfounded opinions.  It doesn’t make any sense to me. What is even harder for me to understand is why people, when they find out they have been lied to don’t turn around and get mad at the people who lied to them.  Especially when you find out a politician or political party you trusted lied to you.

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An End to Israel

Another Israeli WarThe End of Israel?


I hate to say it but I do think that this latest fighting between Israel and Hamas signals the beginning of the end of the state of Israel.  The big problem Israel has always had is that to create itself, it had to deny the rights of the people already living in Palestine when they took over the land and claimed it as their own.  After all these years they still haven’t come to terms with the reality of how their country was founded.  And because they refuse to acknowledge the wrongs done to the Palestinian people, they have no hope of settlement.  They like to act as if they are victims, but so are the Palestinians. This isn’t to say that the Palestinians haven’t also perpetrated evil, but if the Israeli’s refuse to acknowledge the real harm they did and are doing to the Palestinian people, they will always be a target of retributive violence.  A settlement of this dispute requires Israel to acknowledge that the Palestinians do have a legitimate grievance with them.  They are unwilling to do that as a nation and so the violence continues because they leave the Palestinians no other method to seek justice.  If we are serious about seeking peace, we must acknowledge the right of Palestinians to justice instead of pretending that these attacks against Israel are unprovoked.

Don’t Spook Bush

Bush should be in jailDon’t Spook ‘Em


Ok – look – there are only 9 days left until Bush leaves office and I understand the desire to see these criminals go to jail.  But can we please stop talking about it?  Will Obama or won’t Obama pursue criminal charges against the Bush administration?  First, it isn’t his job, it is the job of the justice department – which I realize had been politicized under Bush, but we have no indication that Obama will interfere with them.  2nd and most importantly, if Bush et al think they are going to be prosecuted they won’t leave! And that would be really really bad. So, lets not spook them by even hinting they might have jail time ahead of them.  Let them think they are going to get away scot free so that they will leave office quietly and politely and allow Obama to take over peacably.  Then speculate all you want about future prosecutions.   The reality is the crimes Bush et al committed are so bad that if we don’t prosecute them another country or the ICC will.  So stop worrying and just play nice with the Bushies for a few more days. 

Our Amazing President

Bush ducks from shoe - better then I couldOur Amazing President


I can’t believe I am saying this – but Bush finally did something right.  By now you have probably seen a video of Bush having a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist.  The more I watch that footage the more amazed I am with how Bush handled it. Not only did he duck it but he also laughed off the entire incident. I say bully for him. Now, I realize that part of the problem is that Bush et al have not been culturally sensitive to the Arab world and that is a big part of the problem they have with him and with Americans in general.  And I realize that the shoe throwing is considered one of the gravest of insults over there, but it isn’t here.  Here, it is just weird. 

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