Holy Warriors in America?

 Was Bush a Holy Warrior?A
Holy War?


Ok it now seems like top ranking military officials and Bush,
themselves as holy warriors doing God’s will in Iraq.
If you have not yet
seen the cover pages of Bush era "worldwide intelligence updates,"
you need
to take a look at them
. They are truly offensive. First, they are inappropriate
because our government and military should not be in the business of promoting
any particular religion as these clearly do. But the main reason they are offensive
is because they are clearly an attempt to misuse religion to promote a controversial
political agenda and war. The combination of stirring quotes and moving images
is quite powerful. I am not religious and they stir up powerful emotions in
me followed by a sick feeling in my stomach at the sheer offensiveness that
someone would be so crass to misuse religion that way. I would think that good
people of faith across our fine country should be offended as well that their
religious was misused in such a horrid way.