Whence Came Sumogirl




I occasionally get comments from newbies to my website asking why I call myself Sumogirl.  Do I weigh some

amazing amount?  Am I huge?  Into something kinky?  What is it?  The simple answer is that I like sumo wrestling, the sport. To set the

record straight – here is what I look like.  I am 5 ft 9 inches and won’t reveal my weight, but as one of my online fans pointed out, I am

“way too cute to be a Sumo.”  Clearly I am not morbidly obese.

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T-Shirt Success

Sumogirl TShirtT-Shirt Success

March 15 2007

I am in Miami right now at an adult only resort.  Quite

swank.  Nice place for a collection of foundations to put you up just to have you for a meeting at an office during the day.  Anyway, I wore

my Sumogirl shirt to the airport and have been wearing it

in the evening in my room after partaking of the resorts Hamam.

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