Whose fault is it?

anti-union agitation from the GOPIt’s whose fault?

Caution – this is a bit of a political rant – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Watching the events unfold in Wisconsin has gotten me pretty upset.  The reason why is because the Republican attack on unions and teachers is an extreme tactic used by extreme individuals and it doesn’t bode well for the future of our democracy.

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McCain is like Britney Spears

McCain's trainwreck of a campaign is a lot like watching Britney Spears MeltdownIt’s Like Watching Britney Spears’ Meltdowns


McCain is all over the place.  And the media are following him around and the sense I get from the coverage is really, they are just waiting to see what the crazy old man does next.  It is a lot like how the media was following Britney around when she was having her meltdown.  Except, this guy wants to be President!

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59: TAXES:
Nothing is certain but

death and taxes. Theoretically, there is an optimal level of taxes that maximizes revenues, and minimizes the negative effects that taxes have, by

creating a disincentive to creating wealth. The conservative argument is that taxes are too high, thus creating a disincentive and therefore should be

cut. I believe that taxes are currently too low and need to be raised slightly. We had a progressive tax system but are in the process of reverting to a

regressive system. Our society can easily tolerate increased taxes on the wealthiest members of society (and prominent individuals in this tax group

have indicated that they don't mind paying more). Having myself been in several different tax brackets, I can honestly say that I don't mind

paying the higher taxes as my income level rises. It has been much easier for me to pay higher taxes and still have better quality of life as my income

level has risen. It is when I was poorest that I could not afford to pay taxes. I am thrilled to pay my taxes and to be in a higher bracket. Some of our

most prominent individuals in the highest tax bracket have said that we should not cut their taxes as they can easily afford to pay, and that a tax

break to them does not provide an additional incentive to spend more to move the economy, since they are already spending their capacity to consume.