Why We Need Health Insurance Reform

Private Insurance Doesn't make any senseWhy We Need Health Insurance Reform


I can understand why a lot of people don’t understand how broken our health insurance system is yet.  After all – most old people get their health care through the government – which despite conservatives being sure can’t run anything – has the highest satisfaction rates of any health care provider.  Another large majority get their health insurance through their companies and let’s face it – unless you have to use it because of major injury or catastrophic illness – you have no idea how reliable your insurance is – and you probably haven’t given much thought to what you would do should you loose your job and as a consequence your health insurance. But for me and my family – we know. 

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Don’t Spook Bush

Bush should be in jailDon’t Spook ‘Em


Ok – look – there are only 9 days left until Bush leaves office and I understand the desire to see these criminals go to jail.  But can we please stop talking about it?  Will Obama or won’t Obama pursue criminal charges against the Bush administration?  First, it isn’t his job, it is the job of the justice department – which I realize had been politicized under Bush, but we have no indication that Obama will interfere with them.  2nd and most importantly, if Bush et al think they are going to be prosecuted they won’t leave! And that would be really really bad. So, lets not spook them by even hinting they might have jail time ahead of them.  Let them think they are going to get away scot free so that they will leave office quietly and politely and allow Obama to take over peacably.  Then speculate all you want about future prosecutions.   The reality is the crimes Bush et al committed are so bad that if we don’t prosecute them another country or the ICC will.  So stop worrying and just play nice with the Bushies for a few more days.