Demons and Logic

Humanist don't live in a demon haunted worldDemons and Logic


I write for a couple of other websites including my own Happiness through Humanism blog. There are two articles I want to share here, mostly because I struggled before deciding which website to post them on. And since I want my Sumogirl audience to read these, I thought, rather then reposting, I figured I would simply link. That way you can also check out my new blog. Anyway – here they are:

Living Demon Free – an article about why living in a demon haunted world is so horrible and

Why Logic Matters – a review of O’Reilly’s rant against science as viewed through traditional rules of logic.

Three Rules for Religion

religions should never be treated as absolute and respect doesn't mean it can't be critiquedThree
Rules for Religion


A while ago, Rob Kall at Op Ed News, wrote a short piece about
the need to create 3 rules for religion
, the same way Asimov wrote 3 Rules
of Robotics. As we know, no set of rules, not matter how short, can ever be
considered complete, but I did like the idea. Particularly since other societies
have recognized the fact that religion is not always benign and some forms actually
cause harm and so regulated religion to better protect their people from cults,
and to protect themselves from challenges to their authority. Anyway, here is
my take.

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