The Muse of Capt Jack

John Barrowman - Another SideThe Muse of Capt Jack


OK – so it turns out that the super hot gay actor who plays Capt Jack on the Dr Who and Torchwood BBC series is also a stage actor well versed in musical theater.  And, he can sing!  He has several albums, the latest is “Another Side.”  It is an album of covers of love songs.  Really quite sappy.  And when I say sappy, I mean Lawrence Welk sappy.  Lots of violins, soft sappy vocals and heartfelt lyrics.  Despite all that, it is a really good album.

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Copperfield in Trouble

Copperfield Flying Away from TroubleDavid Copperfield’s Many Problems


Ok – I realize that there are more important things going on in the world.  Not only is the US prepping for war against Iran – as if we have enough military to do it, and California is in the grips of rather nasty Santa Ana fed fires (notice the plural).  But, I am writing about Copperfield because what we are being told doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

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I Love Fairytales

LinkI Love Fairytales


I admit it.  I love a good fairytale. 

I have books of children’s fairytales from China, Japan, Europe, American Indian, etc etc.  I just love them. 

I started my collection years before I had a child to read them to.  I really do enjoy them.  There is something

about a neat story with some amazing things happening, a bit of a challenge for our hero or heroine, and a moral or something learned about how to be a good

person at the end. (sigh).  What’s not to like.

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