Richardson or Clinton?

Obama, Richardson and Hillary ClintonHillary as Secretary of State?


Scuttlebutt has it that Barack Obama is apparently considering Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson for the position of Secretary of State.  I hope he chooses Bill Richardson.  The concern I have with Hillary is that she isn’t a very ethical person.  That isn’t to say she doesn’t have good intentions, she just is prone to resorting to lies and deceit to get her way.  I don’t respect that and am hoping that Obama will actually place trustworthy people around him, especially in a position as important as Secretary of State.

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Family Lies

Sarah Palin and her family 2007Lies and Family.


I am so totally obsessed with the Sarah Palin controversies.  And it isn’t just that I don’t like her policies, I have become obsessed with the vagaries of her personal life.  And, Obama is right, they have very little to do with what kind of a veep or president she will be.  But, I am obsessed anyway.

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