Why We need to Teach Evolution

Teaching Evolution is still controversialTeaching Evolution


Florida finally has science standards that teach specifically evolution.  Yay!  It was a tough fight, but worth it.  Not surprising, the anti-science crowd came out to fight the inclusion of evolution.  Their comments at the many public hearings are proof enough why Florida needed to improve the science standards.  That some of these folks graduated from our schools is embarrassing.

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Definition of Humanism

Compassion: A watercolor by Howlett and TarrantDefinition of Humanism


Finally, I have come across a definition of Humanism I actually like.  It comes from the Progressive Living Website.  The reason I like it is it is the only one I have seen that even mentions compassion.  And I happen to think that compassion is the most important aspect of the philosophy.  Reason, in my humble opinion is important, but only in service to compassion. Anyway, here is the definition.

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