Nationalism is always a problem

Nationalism is always a problem

Why rampant nationalism should worry us all.


In order to consider this topic, we must first define what nationalism is. Nationalism is the belief or creed of an individual who identifies with their nationality. It is a sense of identity that is tied to a nation or group of people.

The reason this is a problem is because when your sense of identity is tied to a nation, then you are moved to defend that nation as you would defend yourself. An attack on the nation is an attack on you.

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Inoculating Against Bullying

Inoculate and Insulate Against BullyingInoculating Against Bullying

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Not just because of the recent death of Jamey Rodemeyer, but because it really seems to be a problem that defies a solution. Not just in schools, but for adults as well. My mom always taught me that bullying behavior is about the bully and their insecurities and usually has nothing to do with the victim of the bullying. If you ignore them and don’t respond to them emotionally, they will go find someone else to bully who will. When I first had to deal with bullying in school, this advice worked wonderfully.

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The Decline: or what do America and the Ottoman Empire have in common

The Decline: or what do America and the Ottoman Empire have in common

I’ve been reading a book on the history of the Arab peoples conveniently titled, A History of the Arab Peoples
by Albert Hourani.  I’m a little more then half way through. I’ve basically just finished the section on the European take over of the Arab world in 1700s. I wanted to write about it because of the relevance to what is happening to America right now. All in the spirit of the famous maxim – those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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and Resigned


So, we are going to be surging in Afghanistan. That disappoints
me as
I think we should be getting out.
But, there is nothing really we can
do to change that decision, so I am resigned and hoping for the best. After
all – I was, fortunately, wrong about the Iraqi surge and that actually seems
to have worked.

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If I Were President

Jackson being sworn in as PresidentIf I Were President


Like everyone else I was glued to my TV watching President Obama’s inauguration a couple of weeks ago.  And like everyone else in the secular community I was really amazed at the level of religion injected into the ceremony.  First off Rev. Warren’s invocation wasn’t just religious it was obscenely religious.  It was unnecessarily sectarian and really over the top with religious rhetoric.  Then, there was the fact the Justices included the words “so help me god” into the oaths when they aren’t part of the oath; it is just something that the oath taker traditionally adds on.  I did however enjoy the Benediction. And then of course, there was Lincoln’s bible. The whole thing got me thinking.  What would the inauguration of an atheist president look like?  We may never know, but I did think about what I would want if I were the one being sworn in.

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