Fear, Equality and Freedom

Americans are not afraidFear, Equality and Freedom.

Humanists are real big on reason for a reason.  We don’t think making decisions out of fear or anger is a very good idea.  Usually, it is a good idea to wait until you are thinking rationally before you go making any plans. This is especially important when it comes to politics. And that is because; fear sells and politicians know it.  It is a well known fact that unscrupulous politicians, whose ideas are generally bankrupt, are willing to try and make you afraid of just about everything in order to get themselves elected.  Don’t let them make you afraid.  Think before you act and make sure that what you are afraid of is really real and worth being afraid of in the first place. And if you are afraid of anything on this list, stop. You have nothing to fear from freedom, equality and reason.

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This Isn’t News!

Humanists helping in Haiti is news. Pat Robertson is not.This isn’t news!


So after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the two individuals in America who are prone to say stupid and hateful things after such disasters said stupid and hateful things.  I am talking of course about Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh.  THIS ISN’T NEWS!  Look – at this point I think we can all agree that Pat Robertson lives in a demon-haunted world.  That means that he really believes that demons exist and that you really can make deals with them and so when something bad happens he blames the victims for consorting with said demons.  It is sad that he views the world in such bizarre and terrifying terms, but at this point it isn’t news.  If his congregation suddenly realized what an insane person he is, that would be news.  The same goes for Rush.  I don’t know what his problem is but the fact that he says stupid and hateful things isn’t news.  It would only be news if his ditto heads decided that they have had enough of his ranting and stopped listening and started protesting.  That isn’t happening in either case so there is nothing to see here – just move along.
As for Haiti – the Humanist Charities are doing an excellent job – find out more and donate to help their efforts here. Now this is news worth talking about.

If I Were President

Jackson being sworn in as PresidentIf I Were President


Like everyone else I was glued to my TV watching President Obama’s inauguration a couple of weeks ago.  And like everyone else in the secular community I was really amazed at the level of religion injected into the ceremony.  First off Rev. Warren’s invocation wasn’t just religious it was obscenely religious.  It was unnecessarily sectarian and really over the top with religious rhetoric.  Then, there was the fact the Justices included the words “so help me god” into the oaths when they aren’t part of the oath; it is just something that the oath taker traditionally adds on.  I did however enjoy the Benediction. And then of course, there was Lincoln’s bible. The whole thing got me thinking.  What would the inauguration of an atheist president look like?  We may never know, but I did think about what I would want if I were the one being sworn in.

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Bush Family Election Fraud

election fraudBush Election Fraud


Did you know that since exit polls began in the 1960’s, there have only been 7 incidents where the exit polls did not match the final election results, and 6 of those involved a Bush?  All involved a republican and all have occurred since 1992.

Election polls are surprisingly accurate and the state department is right when it says that they are one of the only ways to know when election fraud has occurred.

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