More work needs to be done

More work needs to be done

As a mother and as a Humanist the following statistic is upsetting. We Humanists need to do more!

No child should ever be discarded

According to a study done last year (see: 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and one of the main reasons they are homeless is because their family rejected them!

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The 4 Cs of Humanism – Defining Humanism

The 4 C’s of Humanism

Critical Thinking, Compassion, Courage, Commitment

Th 4 Cs' of Humanism

Defining Humanism is such a difficult thing to do. There is no easy way to say – this is what Humanism is and have that be the end of it. It is a life philosophy. It is vibrant and full of nuance, and that’s why it works so well. 

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