Retaliation and Revenge

Retaliation and Revenge

We have all been wronged at some point, but that doesn’t mean we should seek revenge.

Don't be such an elbow

One of the reasons it is so difficult for managers and teachers to deal with bullying and harassment is that it looks so much like conflict.  Most people, when they are hurt get mad. Anger is a defense mechanism (see: Managing Anger in Yourself and Others by Dr. Leon Seltzer –

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Dealing with Stress and Fear

Dealing with Stress and Fear

Is it harder to overcome fear without a belief in a higher power?

Fear is rarely rational


This morning’s listening is from The Motivation Manifesto, and it’s got me thinking. What are your thoughts?

"It is difficult to accept but no less true: If fear is winning in our lives, it is because we simply keep choosing over our other impulses to be strong or bold or great."

Is it harder to overcome fear without a belief in a higher power to "give it over to", or should it be easier, since all we’ve ever relied on are ourselves and the people around us, so we’ve already overcome plenty?

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What is Education?

What is Education?

Why are the humanities and Humanism so crucial to a good education?


What is education and why do Humanists care so much about it?  Education is loosely defined as the imparting or acquiring of knowledge. So …. what is knowledge? Knowledge is the state of knowing what is true. So really education is a way to learn what is true and what isn’t. And this matters greatly.

When it comes to problem solving and even moral reasoning, it turns out that knowing what is true and what isn’t is often the difference between successfully solving your problem and failing. This is one of the reasons why Humanists care so much about education.

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