The Middle East

The Middle East


There is a very interesting essay available on the UN website that does a great job of describing the history of the conflict going all the way back to

pre-WWI. This accurate background information is essential for anyone thinking about creating a workable solution. Unfortunately our policy towards the

Middle East has been based on misinformation, and a complete unwillingness to understand the valid concerns of the Palestinians. I am in favor of a

single state solution. This state would have the accepted international boundaries set up by the British protectorate. It would be a secular state, with

secular courts. A 2-state solution, and or any solution that does not involve making a secular state will not be able to end the violence. The problem

is that any non-Jew in Israel as a Jewish state is by definition a second-class citizen. Same with any non-Muslim in a Muslim Palestinian state. It is

impossible to have a just society when people are discriminated against, and a state that practices discrimination of any kind (including religious)

should expect violence for the people being discriminated against. And, it is this religious discrimination on the part of the Zionists that is the root

cause of this problem.

In order to really understand what is happening in the middle east and why – you need to know what happened and

how we got here.  Unfortunately, there has been quite a bit of revisionist history on the Israeli side, and the US has been buying into their

version of events.

 To get an unbiased history – go to the UN website

And read everything.  Especially take

the time to read:

The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem  Part

 The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem   Part


and The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem   Part

III   Part


You will also find their map section helpful to understand what is being referenced by the different accords, documents and

whitepapers created during the last 100 years.