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Lots of stuff going on.  But first, watch this video!

If that doesn’t the scare the crap out of you, I don’t know what will.  Remember, this election is between John McCain and Obama.  Who will be the better president?  Sarah Palin is pretty and is fun to talk about, but she isn’t running for president.  McCain is.  If that video scared you, then you need to get out and convince your neighbors to vote for Obama.  Fortunately, the Obama campaign makes that easy – they will give you a list of 20 of your neighbors and questions to ask and flyers to hand out.  WE CANNOT AFFORD 4 MORE YEARS OF WORSE LEADERSHIP THEN WE HAVE NOW!

The Sarah Palin ScandalsNow onto to the latest Sarah Palin gossip

Well, the NY Times sent reporters up to Alaska and asked a lot of people questions about Sarah Palin.  I realize that the religious right and ultra conservatives think the Times is a liberal rag that spreads lies, but that is only because those groups don’t like real journalism.  Get in the way of their fantasy life.

Anyway, the Times Report on Palin is pretty scary.  She is like Bush without the compassion.  Seriously.  She is a lot meaner, takes the loyalty thing to new levels and unending scandals and now, obstructing investigations just like Bush. Sarah apparently engages in loyalty hiring in a way that would make Bush blush.  She displays serious levels of incompetence (didn’t send money to a town for their traffic lights and when they complained, told them to just shut a few off), and is apparently a believer in end times mythology, as opposed to Bush who just talked a good talk.  No wonder the religious right is loving her.  She actually is the candidate people waiting for Armageddon have been waiting for.

Just like Bush, she was away from her office a lot.  The Legislature took to wearing “Where’s Sarah?” pins. About the only way she differs from Bush is that her husband Todd apparently did the work she did appear to do.  And no, I am not making that up.  There is a reason Todd was subpoenaed by the Alaskan Legislature.

Now, this really reminds me of the woman I worked for who was a pathological liar.  Not only are the stories they tell fantastic, just like Sarah’s.  Not only do those stories involve fantastic medical situations that would normally result in death but somehow don’t, just like Sarah, and not only do they stick to those stories even when you present them with proof of their lies, but my co-worker didn’t do any of her own work either.  Her husband did. Spooky.  The real problem isn’t the lies, it is the gross incompetence.

Anyone wanting to know about Sarah Palin needs to know this.  Her image is a lie.  She isn’t superwoman.  No one is.  With all her obligations things are getting lost.  That is to be expected.  She just is a pathological liar who lies to cover up the things that haven’t gotten done.  It isn’t so much lack of competence as just lack of doing the basic work of her job that gets her in trouble.

Oprah would kick Sarah Palin's assOprah vs Palin

Apparently a new controversy has erupted.  Oprah doesn’t want to have Palin on her show.  Never mind that Oprah has refused to have any political candidate running for office on her show.  This is apparently an outrageous snub to Sarah Palin from her fans.  They are claiming that Oprah doesn’t want her on as it would boost support for the Palin and what’s his name ticket.  Yikes!

Ok – lets consider this for a moment. McCain was just on The View and he was called out as a liar.  Not just twisting the truth, but a full on liar.  And, the women of the view had the facts to back them up because, McCain has been lying about a lot of things lately, that is why the narrative of his campaign has become, he is a liar.

Oprah is a very well educated woman.  Sarah may be smart, but she is clearly not well educated. Going head to head with Oprah would be really bad for Sarah.  I can’t imagine she would actually want to do that.  Oprah wouldn’t play nice with her.  She would push her on all the things Sarah should be pushed on and aside from the folks that just believe in total fantasy, Sarah’s shiny veneer would be torn away and we would get to see that Sarah is a liar and seriously should not be on a presidential ticket.  I actually would love to see that, but Oprah made a decision last summer not to have any candidates on.

The Malarkey Express

Finally, the narrative of this campaign has finally shifted.  McCain’s lies are so bad that the media, including Fox a little bit, is starting to run stories about how much the McCain campaign is just outright lying. Finally. He no longer runs the Straight Talk Express, he runs the Malarkey Express, pass it on.

Oh, and one last thing.  Businesses right now are hurting.  We need to disabuse the myth of Republicans being better for business.  Everytime there is a Republican in the white house, our economy suffers and businesses suffer.  Everytime!  The only businesses that benefit from a Republican administration are the really really big ones, like the oil and gas industry.  Everyone else is on their own.  If you own a small business, you will not be helped by a Republican government.  You need to vote Democratic.  Especially since the Malarkey express is staffed by lobbyist for big business.

McCain has talked about getting the lobbyists out of Washington, yet his campaign has over 150 lobbyists on its staff.  The only way his claim could be true is if by out of Washington he means that he has taken them on the road with him during his campaign.  ENOUGH! 

We have serious problems and we need a president with an education, vision and real leadership skills to solve them.  Sarah Palin doesn’t have the education.  McCain doesn’t have the leadership skills.  Neither of them has a vision.  Only Obama does.  And sorry to campaign on my website, but seriously, we cannot afford 4 more years of incompetence and war mongering!