War on Terror

War on Terror


is unfortunately very necessary. The problem however, is not a physical war, but a war of the mind. Religious Fundamentalism of any kind (Muslim,

Jewish, Hindu, Christian, etc) is dangerous. We need to teach people to think critically about religious claims so that they are less susceptible to the

lies told by fundies about the nature of their religion, what god wants, etc. Since terrorism is a criminal act, it should be dealt with as a criminal

matter. Our world institutions are not currently sufficient to deal with this type of criminal activity effectively. We can deal with it, internally in

our own country, but inter-country terrorism must be dealt with by a global police force. The UN is inadequate to the task because the laws are only

enforced by majority vote of the Security Council, and that makes enforcement subjective instead of objective. And, whenever that happens, justice is

impossible. This is exactly why the US action against IRAQ was controversial. Certain countries had financial interests that got in the way of them

voting to enforce their own laws.