Was Pat Tillman Murdered?

PatStill Lying about



They are still lying about Pat Tillman. And this

time, it is the mainstream news media that still doesn’t have the story right.  Even though it has been firmly established that Pat Tillman was

killed by his fellow soldiers, and the real debate is whether he was intentionally murdered or was shot accidentally, CNN still ran a crawl last night that

said Pat might possibly have been killed by friendly fire!

AAGH!  I can’t tell you how mad this makes me.  No

wonder people have no idea what the investigation by congress is about.  Even my local news channel was saying it was friendly fire.  The reason

his death has caused controversy is because there is evidence he may have been intentionally murdered.  And, that evidence has been available for a

couple of years.  I read in “The Humanist” a couple of years ago about some of

the evidence and the suspicion that he had been murdered and why.

Look, here is what the army report found in the report they released last

week.  Pat was killed by a tight grouping of shots from an M-16 rifle to his forehead at short range (within 10 yards).   A tight grouping of

3 shots to the forehead is nearly impossible to accomplish unless the victim of the shooting is immobilized.  One way people are immobilized is when

they are already dead and lying on the ground.  When people are standing when they get shot, their head tends to move.  People who have been in

combat and killed people at short range will tell you that unless your target is immobilized you will not get a tight grouping.  It is highly likely

that Pat was shot at close range, then someone double and triple checked to make sure he was really dead.  This was obvious enough that the doctors

who examined Pat’s body recommended a murder investigation be opened up.  Pat’s death has never been investigated as a possible murder and

Army lawyers even congratulated themselves on the fact that they had prevented a murder investigation from being opened in his case. 

Still not convince Pat might have been murdered.  The reason the “friendly fire” designation is so upsetting and not

acceptable is because there wasn’t any enemy fire.  There was no evidence that this platoon had been ambushed.  None of the vehicles and

none of the other individuals had any evidence of shots fired at them.

Because it was obvious that he had been killed by fratricide

from the get go, someone had to have made a decision somewhere along the way to make up a story about his being killed in a very heroic way.  Once that

story was made up, there is no doubt that the Bush administration ran with it. 

There are some very important questions that

need to be answered. 

  1. Was Pat Tillman murdered?  This actually needs to be investigated. 

    If he was murdered, then someone murdered him and they need to be brought to justice.

  2. Why was he murdered?  Was it because he had gone

    insane and was a liability to his company?  Or was it because he was planning to publicly speak out against Bush’s war in Iraq when he returned

    from his tour of duty?  Was this why his diary was destroyed in the field?    Normally, fellow soldiers are very careful to bring

    things like diaries home as they represent a very important part of the grieving process for family members.  And yet, Pat’s diary was

    intentionally destroyed by his fellow soldiers, as was his body armor. 

  3. Who made up the story that Pat had been killed in an enemy

    fight?  Was this a platoon level thing to cover up a murder, or did the story originate in the white house?  And yes, there is suspicion it

    originated in the white house and the fact that the Bush administration refuses to release any information or testify on this matter is indicative that

    they have something to hide.  If the lie originated at the platoon level and the lie was spread through incompetence as Rumsfield testified

    yesterday, then the best way to put this controversy to rest is for the Bush administration to give congress all the information they have to prove their

    innocence in this matter.  They aren’t, and that is very suspicious.

  4. Why did it take so long for the real details to be told to

    the family.  Why are we 3 years out and just now finding out that the army knew almost immediately that there was a very high likelihood that Pat had

    been murdered?  And why is the Bush administration, which is responsible for the Department of Defense, still refusing to properly investigate

    Pat’s death?

The reason why the Tillman family is not satisfied with the information they have been

given is because the obvious possibility that Tillman was intentionally murdered has not yet been investigated.  It is also equally obvious that the

chain of who would benefit from Tillman’s death not being ruled murder goes all the way to the white house who clearly used Tillman’s death as

a political tool.  If this was your son, who had been killed in this way, and you had been lied to and a totally fake story of your son’s death

had been circulated, how would you react?

I am totally outraged by this and my frustration at this point is with the mainstream

media who is not just withholding information from the public, they are lying to the public about where the investigation into Pat’s death

stands.  Imagine if instead of saying Pat was killed by friendly fire (which is at best misleading), or worse, that there was a possibility that Pat

was killed by friendly fire (which at this point is simply a false statement since his death has been officially ruled a fratricide), what if the media

actually told it like it was.  What if they all said, it now looks like Pat Tillman may have been murdered.  The context of the congressional

investigation into his death makes a lot more sense, and the White Houses’ obstruction of that investigation looks very very very suspicious.

Instead, by not telling the truth, the media (and yes, that includes CNN), is allowing the Bush Administration to lie, paint the

people investigating this death as obsessive and partisan, and basically give them cover for their obstruction of justice. It is time for this obscene

behavior on the part of our media to end.  They need to get back to the basics.  We cannot have a properly functioning democracy if the people

do not have the facts on which to base their decisions.  This intentional lying by the media to hide the facts emerging in this case borders on

criminal negligence.  By their dishonesty, they are helping the cover up, not uncovering the truth.  AAGH!  It is totally