Why I love Ancient Aliens

Giorgio and his hair3 Reasons Why I Love Ancient Aliens

I love Ancient Aliens. Great show.  I am a Humanist and totally committed to a scientific and natural understanding of our universe.  And yes, I do realize that Ancient Aliens involves what is affectionately known s as crackpot science. Don’t care. Love the show anyway.   Here’s why:

  • It is firmly committed to Naturalism. Naturalism is the philosophic position that there is only a natural world. There is no supernatural. So, anything that happens is, by default, a natural phenomenon and must adhere to the laws of physics.
    • The way this plays out on the show is that when they are reviewing ancient texts and a god or an angel is talked about, the ancient alien theorists will say things like, “give me a break, there’s no such thing as angels! It had to have been ancient aliens. Who else could have descended from the sky 3,000 yrs ago?”
  • It’s an awesome travelogue. I like to think I am up on archeology. However, they visit some really amazing places that I have never heard of. True, they think there is some sort of cosmic connection at these places and that certain places are clearly ancient alien space ports, but that part doesn’t bother me. I really like learning about these different civilizations, cultures and historic sites that I didn’t know about before.
  • Giogio is adorable. His hair is getting even more crazy then it was a few years ago. It’s his comments that I love the most because he is the most committed to naturalism (see above). I also love that he has been able to build for himself a career that allows him to travel to some of the most amazing places in the world. Granted, it’s in the name of crackpot science, but still. Why didn’t I think of that. I like travelling the world. Plus, he seems to have a good sense of humor. Does he believe everything he says? Hard to tell.

Anyway – here is a taste of the show in case you have never seen it